Bespoke Business Software

10 tasks done with a single click • Reduces time spent on admin • Saves hassle and headaches • Pays for itself

A database automates your business. It saves time, eliminates errors, and organises your admin for maximum efficiency. No more struggling with spreadsheets and awkward off-the-shelf software – you’re in complete control.

I’m as chuffed as nuts!

…a happy client

FileMaker apps, tailor-made

Frustrated with the limitations of your spread sheets and off-the-shelf software?

Do you find yourself:

  • cutting and pasting more than once?
  • using Word to create estimates, invoices etc.?
  • having Excel compile stats and report?
  • getting frustrated with off-the-shelf software that limits you?

A relational database (office software, information system, CRM, CMS, ERPS etc. (call it what you will)) will save you time, money, hassles and headaches.

Why? Because it avoids mistakes, errors, multiple copies, out of date info etc. and does exactly what you want.

Written-to-order software

How use the miracle of technology?

  • Do anything twice? Three times? Automate it.
  • Enter information once, store it in one place and use it many times – automatically.
  • Take control of what your computer does for you

So why not use off-the-shelf software? Here’s what you’ll do:

  1. Take months to find the ‘right’(!) package
  2. Take months to learn it and months to adapt it to your way of working (or adapt your way of working to the package)
  3. You and your staff become frustrated and invent your own workarounds
  4. Your workarounds introduce errors, duplication and outdated info

The result? More hassles and headaches! Aren’t headaches the reasons why you came to this site in the first place?

Custom software for business

Finding information in various spreadsheets and sources might only take you five minutes. But with your new relational database, you’ll be doing it automatically, taking 1/10 of the time.

Do that only once a day saves you 21 hours a year. So, if you’re spending half your day doing those type of tasks, you could save 24 weeks’ work a year. Silly numbers? Yes, silly, but true!

How long does it take you to create a single invoice? How about five in a day? Some things can change! Automating tasks like invoicing saves not only 90% of your time but also allows you to (automatically) see how much you’re owed, when clients paid, who was late paying, how much you earn, profit, cash flow, trends etc. And that’s just for starters…

Your bespoke database/application can revolutionise your processes, including:

  • invoicing
  • ordering
  • stock control
  • time sheets
  • scheduling
  • planning
  • reporting
  • price lists
  • POS labels
  • …and much more

A bespoke piece of business software designed around you and the way you work, will do exactly what you need, when you want it. Plus, it grows and adapts with you as your business grows and develops.

How much is your time worth?

Phone Martin, our database designer, now on 01934 782651 or 07940 514351 to start reducing headaches.

Screenshots taken from FileMaker Pro