Wholesale Database Software Development

Wholesale database software development requires a completely different approach to, for example, retail database software (where payment is made at the point of sale by many customers).

The example below is a database created for a wholesale client. It highlights the scenario where database software development is an ideal solution.

  • This database was created around a smaller base (100’s, not 10,000’s) of regular clients potentially ordering innumerable items to go to various branches, on varying days and with possible differing invoice addresses!!
  • The database software collates automated lists of when to send from various warehouses.
  • This database software development also follows back orders, amounts owed, amounts paid, payment discrepancies, discounting and refunds. It therefore ensures that no part of the order/payment cycle is overlooked.
  • Based on the clients’ way of working it contains no superfluous fields, features or methods that are not entirely relevant to their procedures.
  • The various sections are colour coded for instant orientation. Red is product details and client info. Blue relates to the preparation of orders, and encompasses functions such as future despatch dates, quotes, pro forma invoices, green denotes order processing; out of stock, picking, despatch, invoices, credit notes etc.

Wholesale Database Software development process