Retail, Mail Order Database

This retail system was initially designed to take into consideration the stock control aspect of the store. As the client realised the potential of the software, we were able to facilitate additions to the datbase that took into account other aspects of the business.

Specification: A system was needed based around stock control, with detailed specifications of each item.

  • A bought ledger and then a sales ledger were added. Combined, they easily generated end of month reports etc.
  • Details of all stock are only a button away allowing staff to talk to customers knowledgeably over the phone about products, with images in front of them.
  • From these same details sale items are synchronised with the on-line shop and illustrated price labels produced for the retail shop.
  • A range of other features that the staff asked for were implimented like POS, labels, a list of comparable machines in that price range, stock picking sheets, delivery notes and labels etc.
  • The system automated the processing of all orders, money taking, and collating orders.
  • In conjunction with a hand held scanner it fully automates the retail shop.

retail database reports