Database Applications – Manufacturing

Because provide custom-made database applications that are tailored to the individual nature of each client’s business, our solutions will fit seamlessly into the day-to-day running procedures.

None more so than the example highlighted below, where it left the client free to concentrate on the core activities of the business, knowing that the behind the scenes systems would increase their efficiency and productivity. We listened to the requirements of the client and provided the solution to match their needs.

Specification: A manufacturing company wanted a database applications which were a straight forward, simple way of issuing quotes, storing settings/parameters for repeat jobs and then a means of processing orders so that at a click of a button, historical data could be recalled.

  • They processed repeat items for a range of regular customers, many of those customers had the same client.
  • The database was based upon recalling a part number. This meant that the same price, specs and settings were quoted which ever subcontractor ordered the part.
  • Now regular customers are found easily and new work schedules generated by automatically copying across a plethora of relevant details, settings, prices etc.
  • All of the business functions are now controlled from one location.

FileMaker Pro generated database applications