Web Quote System

When quotes are requested, emails are automatically sent inviting suppliers to view details and submit quotes via a web portal. The web portal picks up data from the main database. This means that info is ever only entered once. Suppliers then enter their price, spec, comments which are then pulled back into the main database. If a new supplier is approached a new account and login details is automatically generated. The entire process works from ONE button.

  • Quotes are colour coded by status for quick recognition. e.g. white – estimate; pink – RFQ; light green – requested; green – returned; gold – chosen
  • Pink RFQs are collated and batched
  • An email is auto generated inviting them to quote via the web portal
  • Supplier log in to their secure area using their username and password
  • They see a list of quotes outstanding and quotes submitted
  • They can see a duplicate of the component’s detailed spec and fill in their info

Making a huge saving of time, effort and money from the days when spreadsheets were compiled, emails written, spreadsheets and images attached and emails sent. And that’s before the supplier returned their quotes in various formats, that then needed to be entered or imported.

screen capture of web quotes