Stock Ordering Database

Do you require a stock ordering solution? It is certainly one process that can be streamlined and simplified with a custom made solution.

Client’s specification: A simple stock ordering system was required to allow a busy manufacturer to order materials from suppliers against specific contracts. Either direct or via stock.

They had been using an Excel spreadsheet which was becoming too cumbersome. Finding items on the sheet had become painfully slow and laborious. Even generating summaries was almost impossible. This is a great example of a spreadsheet system not being able to compete with a custom made solution.

In response a stock ordering database was designed by us to encompass their various needs…

  • supplier information; address, contacts, direct numbers, emails etc
  • a comprehensive list of all products and services; codes, minimum quantities, prices etc
  • client information; along with contact details, a quick-view list of all projects and their due date
  • a quick, efficient, foolproof way of ordering items and allocating to individual projects or stock
  • stock control and continually updated stock levels
  • automated orders and reminders until items come into stock and are allocated
  • itemised costs allocated to each client and individual jobs

stock ordering databases