Mobile Surveys on iPad

One of our clients took a mass of paper notes and digital photos as part of his work as an ‘arborist’, or tree specialist. He needed to:

  • Create a note for each tree
  • Try and describe its location
  • Take photos
  • Make handwritten notes

A site survey might encompass 100s of trees! Later, back in the office, he would struggle to make sense of the disparate notes, photos and scribbled maps.

We wrote a bespoke software solution that included the ability to take mobile surveys on iPads. Now our client was able to:

  • Create multiple sites for each customer
  • Sites might have many surveys taken over time
  • Have every tree recorded for each site
  • Each tree could have its own photos, notes and documents

Survey System for Tablet

Our software, written using FileMaker Go, allowed the tree specialist to record information out ‘in the field’ (or in the woods!).

  • Photos are taken on the iPad and automatically stored against a tree’s records
  • Notes are entered against a tree or an individual photo
  • On-site risk assessments can be created by using simple drop-down lists and software

Back in the office, the iPads feed their data into a central database. Reports can be automatically compiled: for instance, trees under the greatest risk are found by the computer and a report produced and sent in seconds, saving a huge amount of time and repetition.

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