iOS apps for iPad and iPhone

Since their release, 100s of millions of iPads and iPhones have been sold. Why so popular? They’re user friendly and amazingly powerful.

Why switch on a laptop to access the weather, or latest news, or what’s on TV, when there’s an iOS device that tends to follow you from room to room?

iPads and iPhones are second nature, for personal use. And now, they can help you run your business, too!

iPad application design

You can use your iPad or iPhone running a bespoke application, at the point of use:

FileMaker, an Apple subsidiary, provides FileMaker Go for free, allowing the roll-out of office databases to iOS devices (iPads and iPhones) and now, web browsers. It’s all built into FileMaker.

Everyone can now see and interact with real-time data.

With a custom iPad application, it’s possible to:

  • Let office staff ‘see’ that delivery arrive at the warehouse door ten minutes walk away.
  • Allow remote workers can ‘see’ if that last item is still there.
  • Have a salesman can show the client a real time update of his order.
  • Let the (MD on that trip to the Far East at 2am GMT) access the latest sales figures.
  • Empower customers with web tracking of their order.

Remember, whatever you need (or want), it can be fulfilled using FileMaker’s rapid development platform. Work in the office on a computer (Mac or PC), or anywhere with an iPad or iPhone.

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