FileMaker Databases – Engineering

FileMaker databases are ideal for a multitude of different uses. The example below is an occasion that not only demonstrates the array of requirements that can be accounted for, but it also reflects where our own skills can mesh with those of a client.

Client requirements: A precision engineer specialising in air rifle tuning and gun repairs was adept with html and css and aware of FileMaker databases. He wanted to write his own solution.

  • One client could have many guns that came in many times, and have various tasks, multiple repetitive trials and tests.
  • Any gun has a unique number engraved upon it, and could have, over the course of time, many owners.
  • There is a legal requirement, closely monitored by the police, for a virtual gun cabinet. So that at any moment in time details of how many guns on site, their UIDs, owners and gun certificates etc can be handed over.
  • Animart was involved in the setting up of table relationships, historical and dynamic data, and advanced scripting.
  • Help and advice was then given as and when needed, and of course, should any help be required in the future we shall be ready to assist.

Exsamples of FileMaker databases