eCommerce Website Back Ends can design database systems in software that are the power behind e-commerce businesses.

Websites with online shops often need offline resources to power the web code, supplying images, descriptions, prices and availability. Back-end bespoke software can be updated and the results posted up online immediately. An online shop can reflect the very latest, such as seasonal special offers, price changes and stock items becoming available or sold out.

When online shopping carts are combined with physical shops, one data source needs to be the ‘master record’ source. Our database systems can manage your store, both on- and off-line. By streamlining data into a single place, the web-based e-Commerce facility is as up to date as the physical items on the storefront’s shelves!

With feature-rich back-end software, e-commerce web sites can be kept effortlessly up to date minute-by-minute, plus of course, your particular requirements are encapsulated in code, ensuring a truly bespoke solution.

Your web front end need never lag behind reality, guaranteeing an end to embarrassing and costly mistakes caused by website information being out of date.

Systems can be feature-rich but also readily able to grow alongside the needs of the business.

Your requirements might be:

  • A list of products to be reflected on an e-commerce site
  • Each product linking to its supplier’s details
  • Purchase orders raised automatically, as hardcopy or email, as stock levels dictate
  • Website orders processed by back end systems

Other features could easily include:

  • Sales reports by product, supplier, customer, area, date range, etc.
  • Mail merge marketing campaigns by traditional mail and email
  • Full accounting and monthly business reports
  • Brochures and sales aids

screenshot of e-commerce database