Data Handling – IT specialists

FileMaker Pro will build a database interface that can support all of your data handling needs. Our client in the case study below; found, like a lot of our clients, that the system we provide can grow and adapt to any of their needs.

As your data handling needs increase, so the flexibility of our designs come to the fore.

Client brief: MCS a computer IT support company based in Yeovil specialising in networks and resolving computer performance issues wanted a version of the TimeKeeper database to log their engineers’ time against specific jobs.

  • It started with client contact details and the ability to attribute time spent and stock parts to the job.
  • It quickly grew to order special parts against those jobs. Collate those parts and order them at the end of the day. Allocating a due date and flagging when they were late.
  • The next requirement was to be able to log all computers, servers, routers, hard drives etc, along with their login details, settings, connection details etc.
  • Other features were then added. Synchronising with staff on the road. Recording and allocating pre-paid hours. Printing receipts, labels and job cards. Invoices. Extra fields…

Data Handling example