Bespoke business software for iPad and iPhone

Did you know that Apple own FileMaker, but it has run just as well on PC Windows for over 30 years too.

  • Access your business databases on a Mac, iPad (or iPhone)
  • Access your business databases on a PC
  • Access your business databases via a browser from any machine or device

Your FileMaker custom solution is now accessible in the palm of your hand, as well as on your desktop or laptop. Even if you use an Android device, you can still connect over the web.

FileMaker databases – info at the point of use

Solutions based on FileMaker are today used by millions of people in business, education, non-profit and government sectors.

Among the tens of thousands of FileMaker customers are giants such as:

  • Cancer Research
  • Virgin Media
  • The Louvre Museum, Paris
  • Nokia
  • AT&T

FileMaker is found in more than 70 of Fortune 100 companies, in 10,000 schools worldwide (including over 250 in the UK), and in 175+ UK colleges & universities.

Your business or organisation could so easily be next! All our clients love their robust FileMaker Pro & FileMaker Go solutions.

Your written-to-order software can be developed for both Mac and/or PC, for use on both platforms, plus the live database can be used by tablets, phones, Macs and PCs all at the same time!

FileMaker can also extend your database and custom apps to the web.

FileMaker a rapid development platform…

FileMaker-based solutions are quick to build (and therefore cheaper) and have better search, find and reporting facilities. Searching is intuitive, flexible and measurably quicker in most circumstances. Compiling reports is a doddle.
custom apps on iOS

FileMaker Go & FileMaker Pro