Customer Relationship Management Software

CRM software, sometimes known as CMS (Customer Management Software) is the basis of many bespoke database systems. Put simply, a bespoke CMS system can:

  • hold all a client’s contact details (phone, email, address etc.)
  • cope with multiple contact details for a single client or customer
  • allow for multi-site clients
  • record each conversation or contact with each customer

While most businesses or organisations need such a facility, the power of a bespoke CMS/CRM is that slight, but crucial, differences in business processes are reflected in the heart of the software.

This is where most people start — a list of their customers & suppliers. How they’re managed, and how they’re accessed and used is up to them. At dataBASED, we automate unique business processes and give our clients the interface that best suits their needs. Often a bespoke database (CRM) grows from here, with requests like:

  • Can it just…?
  • It would be great if the software would…?
  • Can you make it do…?

The answer is always yes!

Custom CRM Software

A bespoke customer relationship management system can, for example:

  • List all quotes, samples and orders
  • Write personalised emails and letters, produce postage labels, and record the date sent
  • Send mass emails for marketing purposes
  • Show specific data quickly, like customers who’ve bought items on special offer in the Greater London area, or show all communications with a particular organisation
  • Create journey planners automatically (integrating with Google Maps)

custom database collage