What are the alternatives?

Limitations of Excel

Spreadsheets have limitations. Have you noticed? Even utilising OneDrive or Google Docs do not give them the power of a bespoke database system.

Frustration with off-the-shelf software

It never quite does exactly what you want and users have to invent their own work-arounds.

It also involves researching the market, deciding what features you do need, might need, won’t need. Learning terminology. Learning the software. Fitting it in with your way of working. Adapting your way of working to the software. Developing work-arounds. Training staff. Maintaining systems. Keeping an eye on upgrades…

It’s never cheap, right? Here’s an interesting comment about SalesFore for example. It would be better to invest all of that in your own system that is designed with your ways of doing things in mind.

With off-the-shelf software that’s not quite right, you’d probably have to invest in even more software packages and try to integrate everything.

Off-the-shelf software, because of its complexities, takes staff much longer to learn. Why? They have to learn things twice!

  1. Learn the way your biz’s internal processes work
  2. Learn the quite different way the software thinks
  3. Learn the ways to adapt the rigid systems of the software (2) to the way your organisation works (1)

You’d benefit from tailor-made solutions for exactly the same reasons as the blue chip companies. Why buy a general, all-singing solution? 90% of the features on offer won’t be utilised, 30% of them complicate what you do want to do and 50% of the features you really wanted just aren’t available to start with.

You’re better off with software that’s written just for you.

Office 365, OneDrive, Google Docs

All great stuff but, like spreadsheets, when it comes to data handling they do not give you the power of a bespoke database system

Bespoke software for companies and not-for-profits

A bespoke system that’s designed exclusively around the way you work demands far less of your company’s time, resources and staff. It will involve less stress, and fewer hassles & costly problems. You only need a bespoke software system created once, so why do that in-house?
A bespoke software system will:

  • Automate how you want to work
  • Speed up your processes
  • Give you full control
  • Give you access to all your information
  • Make you more efficient and profitable

A bespoke system will work out more cost effective. It will:

  • Allow you to continue to work the way that you have always done (minimising disruption)
  • Come with full person-to-person staff training to get you up and running
  • Be maintained by the person who wrote it. And he’ll already know your needs and the way you work and think. So it will be easier and cheaper to update and extend

So why use us, a local small firm, rather than a global enterprise with the experience and proven reliability of the world’s leading software?

Well, there’s only one phone number with no switchboard. You talk directly with the person who actually built your bespoke system. We’re always happy to help. And we’ll be on hand to train new staff, add new features and troubleshoot as and when your need arises.

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