About us, bespoke software/database developers

We only do one thing now: help other businesses save considerable sums on overheads by developing bespoke database systems (custom software). From a tree surveyor using an iPad, up to an international company turning over £14 million across 3 sites.

Martin Bridges (aka originally traded as Animart Designs over 30 years ago as a design consultancy. Martin did the usual progression through project management, departmental management and company management. He’s even had ‘proper jobs’ (as his mum was wont to say). So he’s worked with/in/and for sole traders, partnerships, limited companies and PLCs. Covering many sectors – services, healthcare, finance, manufacturing, retail, wholesale and farming to name a few! His ability to transfer and apply the knowledge garnered from previous projects, businesses and sectors being the main benefit he consistently brings to new clients – along with developing their database system.

As projects became bigger, the amounts of data that needed moving around and coordinating also grew. Last century, pre computers, he automated procedures and improved systems. In those days they were called ‘forms’! In the early days of desktop computers (the 80s) spreadsheets were often used to track projects, customers, quotes, cash flows, projections, budgets, quantities etc.

As demands became more complicated, spreadsheets revealed their limitations. His first thought every morning became ‘There must be something better!?’. FileMaker relational database software was suggested. Thus he started to create bespoke databases and handwritten software to cope with each project’s unique criteria. It did everything he wanted. Bespoke software was more flexible, adaptable and more useful/powerful than any spreadsheet which existed back in those days; and it’s still the case this day!

Those unique solutions handling just one task were often developed to make the whole department run more efficiently by all staff using the one, central source of info. Whole business systems were often then developed when Directors appreciated the difference that a bespoke database could make. Animart Designs therefore specialised and morphed into Animart Databases.

Custom-written databases

Having a bespoke database transforms your business like appointing a new experienced office manager, who subsequently takes things to another level!

Animart Databases changed its name to and now works closely with others who specialise in different IT disciplines: networks, cyber security, internet access, web based applications, search engine optimisation, GDPR etc, as well as apps written in other code bases such as ASP, .net, PHP, SQL, JSON, etc. The outcome? A holistic seamless IT system!

Contact Martin Bridges on 01934 782651 or 07940 514351 for a free consultation. He’ll be happy to discuss how a customised solution can benefit you. is a vetted member of the FileMaker Business Alliance, an organisation of approved database development consultants.

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