Alternative to Excel spreadsheets

Rather than have numerable spreadsheets stored in folders within folders, why not have just one file/database containing all your information? A vast improvement on spreadsheet-based messes!

Benefits of a custom application include:

  • Info can be accessed by many staff in real time
  • Always up to date – no ‘latest versions’ to circulate
  • Any info can be found in seconds
  • Reports generated automatically
  • Keep track of who amended what, and when
  • Give staff different privileges to change/delete info

All this from information that only had to be entered once!

Why do people have reservations with Excel?

Does any of this sound familiar?

  1. Remember the name of the spreadsheet the info might be in.
  2. Remember the folder name the spreadsheet might be in.
  3. Open the Excel sheet. Is this the right one? If not, close sheet and repeat from 1.
  4. Scroll around to find the relevant record
  5. Is the information you seek here? If not go back to 1. Again.
  6. Scroll along row ’til you get to the right field.
  7. Hope no-one else is amending the same Excel spreadsheet.
  8. Make your amends and save. Pray for no error messages.

A bespoke database written in FileMaker Pro

    1. Quickly find any info on any number of criteria, i.e. client name, postcode, status, type, PO number etc. (no wracking of memory required!)
    2. Pick relevant record from shortlisted data
    3. See all details for that record at a glance, including:

    Stored scanned documents with records • All communication records • A list of all related records with current status

    Simple! Why not contact us to find out more?